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Where am I

what about maps?

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with photes


lets get some photos into focusIMG_3366.jpgIMG_3363.jpgIMG_2957.jpgIMG_2728.jpgIMG_2426.jpg

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test one


First up was travel blogging in Phuket and my belated introduction to both macs and touch screens (as I said I don’t even have a phone). Expecting the touch screen to be a pain in the ass I buy the external bluetooth keyboard in advance. Within minutes I am set up with WordPress for iPad (app) and am sipping wine by my pool villa blogging away. Simple. Very simple. The iPad wordpress app is perfect for basic travel blogging with easy media insert, a handy stats feature and potential for multi-blog management. It also works offline updating wordpress once connected again to the internet. The following morning I sneak to the pool early to scribble quick notes on the touch screen and haven’t used the bluetooth keyboard since. The touch screen is more than enough for basic blogging. However there are limitations to wordpress travel blogging on iPads. The most obvious to me is the exclusion of plugins; my SEO tools and such. To get around this I simply update plugin settings on my notebook at a later date (or access WordPress online using the iPads browser).

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